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Our Story

After a chance meeting at a wedding that blossomed into an out of this world romance that led to establishing a truly cosmic business! We decided to follow our passion for baking quality sweets and treats. We started by baking for our kids, coworkers, friends and family, but knew we were on to something bigger than just a hobby - it was something to build upon.


Starting our new business, having our 3 boys plus having our daughter, Luna-Rose, born October 2021 has us excited and quite busy with this new adventure!

We are constantly working on new sweets, designs and additional flavors using fresh ingredients. If you're looking for something that we don't currently offer please send us a message with your request. We love a challenge and enjoy trying new things whether it takes one try or a thousand tries, we will figure it out. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and also check back here regularly to see what new concoction we're whipping up!

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